Sylva is a very neat and clean and minimalistic theme for Ghost blogging platform. it is designed focusing content in mind. So that visitor and reader can concentrate in your article. There is no clutter and over bloting unnecessary element throughout the design.

Now if you are thinking that a content focus theme means we don't care about your image video or audio then please read on.

This theme is not only for text content. It will handel rich media like image, video and audio in a nice way. In latest version of Ghost now you can add a cover image in each post. Futura is smart enough to handel that.

Also in this theme there is a very simple but powerful inbuild feature which allow you to use any embeded media like YouTube video, Vimeo video, Sound cloud audio, Mix cloud audio or any other embeded iframe as your featured / or cover media to your post or static page. Oh! also embeded google map can be used at the place of featured media. Working example of google map is on the contact page.

So If you are going to start a fresh blog and looking for a nice ghost theme for your personal blog, multi-author blog or journal, Futura will perfectly fit in your need.

We will keep updating this theme time to time. If you find any bug or want a feature in a future version please let us know. We Will try best to solve / add those in future version.

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